The town of Grobnik

Grad Grobnik

The town of Grobničko is on a 466 metre-high hill, between the left bank of the Rječina River and the Grobničko polje (the Grobnik field). It was built around a well with spring water in the middle of the internal courtyard of the Castle, and is located along an important transport link which begins in the Quarnero Gulf towards the hinterland.

It is the most western fortification of the Vinodol principality and was built on Roman remains around the year 1000, even today from the North-eastern part of the Castle looking towards the valley the remains of old Roman Limes can still be seen. Today the Castle has been restored and well preserved, transporting its visitors into days gone by. Within the splendid Castle surroundings there is a rich ethnological collection, an art gallery as well as a Gallery of Modern art and the Heritage Museum of Grobnik and its surrounding areas. There is also a restaurant close to the castle.

During the summer months, Grobnik Castle hosts events, exhibitions and concerts almost daily. Amongst these we should highlight the Festival of popular theatre, the Klape Group Meetings and the Summer in the Castle events.

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