Plitvice lakes


Plitvice lakes – a natural phenomenon is a jewel of inestimable value. Between Mala kapela and Plješivica, in the area where the river Korana has its source, there are 16 large and a lot of small lakes which are connected by small, medium and large waterfalls after which the river Korana continues its journey to Karlovac. 

Due to the natural beauty of the waterfalls, cascades, caves and rocks, which offer a beautiful mosaic of colours, sounds and shapes surrounded by high mountain forest terrain, Plitvice lakes and its surroundings were in 1949 declared a National Park, and since 1979 have been under the UNESCO protection. This largest and oldest national park only has electric trains and boats that transport its visitors to various destinations, after which tourists can continue their sightseeing by walking on the narrow paths and trails, crossing wooden bridges that are just above the water surface. 

The park is open year round, and is most pleasant to visit during the summer months, but the winter months also leave visitors breath taken when they see the frozen waterfalls.
The Dumanić Apartment complex is less than 150 kilometres away from the Plitvice lakes, offering perfect accommodation for all visitors.

(taken from, photo: Pablo BM, London)