Just a fifteen minute drive away from the Dumanić Apartment complex you have the chance of enjoying the fresh mountain air. In every season Platak is always full of walkers and skiers, but also of sports lovers who enjoy the opportunities offered by this landscape.

Here skiers will discover the different facilities offered and the mountain tops to be conquered, whilst herb lovers will be amazed by the diversity and accessibility of the medicinal plant species.

There are 8 cycle tracks on offer for sports lovers whose configuration attracts different strengths depending on physical ability. Entire families can go on trips of this kind both on foot and by bicycle, without the fear of getting lost. There are a number of different trails for a wide range of users. Platak is probably the only ski centre in the region where from the heights of its chairlift at (1,363 metres) visitors can also enjoy a view of the sea!

We can finish by saying that notwithstanding the type of sport you do or if you are simply a nature lover, Platak really is a destination not to be missed. You should devote a day to Platak in order to really enjoy the whole experience.

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