Grobnik Automotodrome

Automotodrom Grobnik

The Grobnik track is just the place for all those looking for excitement and the adrenalin of adventure. A variety of events are organised for driving enthusiasts and lovers of speed as well as daily training sessions for those taking part and for the public too.

Numerous car and motorcycle races take place at the Grobnik Automotodrome, of which the most attractive is the world motorbike with sidecar Championship. The Automotodrome season, on a 4,168.75 metre track that is 10 metres wide begins on March 1st and ends on November 1st.

The location and technical complexity of the track together with the combination of a number of bends make the Grobnik track one of the most challenging, interesting and fastest tracks in Europe. This can be seen by the fact that not only professional teams from Croatia come to the Grobnik Automotodrome but there are also those from around Europe who come to carry out tests, for training and for races. This track has been satisfying the rigorous demands of the International Automobile Federation and the International Motorcycling Federation (FIA and FIM) since 1978 when it was built to the present, and is authorised to organise any kind of automobile or motorcycling event apart from F1. During the year it is visited by more than 100 000 visitors and sports lovers.

The Dumanić Apartment complex is just 5 kilometres away from the Grobnik Automotodrome, offering perfect accommodation for all contestants and visitors to the track.

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