Grobnik Airport

There is no better view than that from the air, so why not be encouraged to choose one of the activities on offer from the “Krila Kvarnera” Aeronautical Association. Whether you choose a hang-glider, a parachute or an aeroplane, the experience you will have will certainly be unforgettable whilst the view will be precious.

“Grobničko polje” airport is just a ten minute car journey from the Dumanić Apartment complex. This airport is one of just a few places in Croatia where all sectors of aviation can be found. Today five air clubs work at the airport brought together by the “Krila Kvarnera” Aeronautical Association.

This Association is an umbrella organisation which manages the airport whilst the “Krila Kvarnera” parachute club is one of the most successful parachute clubs in the Croatian Republic and has been organising International and European Cup parachuting events for a long time.

The “Krila Kvarnera” gliding club has three gliders and a tow aircraft for the gliders. It is one of the oldest associations of its kind in Croatia.
The “Krila Kvarnera” pilots Association owns four Cessna type aircraft, suitable for panoramic flights but also for air registration.
The “Krila Kvarnera” free flying association organises hang-gliding flights and training whilst the “Krila Kvarnera” free construction Association has a fairly long tradition and a number of amateur aircraft have been built at the airport, and are regularly used for flying.

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