Gorski kotar

Nacionalni park Risnjak

Thanks to the wealth of its still intact natural beauties and the inexhaustible possibilities offered by the mountains, Gorski Kotar is certainly one of the most fascinating areas of continental Europe. It is a place where wolves, wild boar and deer can still be seen in their natural habitat, as well as bears, chamois and bobcats, which risk extinction in other parts of the world.

Centuries-old conifer and broad-leaf forests are a favourable environment for numerous species of flora and fauna, whilst the peace and tranquillity is only disturbed by the song of the numerous bird species. Gorski kotar is an ideal destination for fresh and invigorating nature lovers, winter sports, skiing, hunting, fishing, walking, cycling as well as being an ideal escape from city life.

The Dumanić Apartment complex can be found just before the Croatian mountain area, so, if you decide to spend a few more days surrounded by nature…

(taken from gorskikotar.com)