Gorski kotar

Nacionalni park Risnjak

Thanks to the wealth of its still intact natural beauties and the inexhaustible possibilities offered by the mountains, Gorski Kotar is certainly one of the most fascinating areas of continental Europe. It is a place where wolves, wild boar and deer can still be seen in their natural habitat, as well as bears, chamois and bobcats, Nastavi čitati →

Plitvice lakes


Plitvice lakes – a natural phenomenon is a jewel of inestimable value. Between Mala kapela and Plješivica, in the area where the river Korana has its source, there are 16 large and a lot of small lakes which are connected by small, medium and large waterfalls after which the river Korana continues its journey to Karlovac. 
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Grobnik Automotodrome

Automotodrom Grobnik

The Grobnik track is just the place for all those looking for excitement and the adrenalin of adventure. A variety of events are organised for driving enthusiasts and lovers of speed as well as daily training sessions for those taking part and for the public too.
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Just a fifteen minute drive away from the Dumanić Apartment complex you have the chance of enjoying the fresh mountain air. In every season Platak is always full of walkers and skiers, but also of sports lovers who enjoy the opportunities offered by this landscape.

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The town of Grobnik

Grad Grobnik

The town of Grobničko is on a 466 metre-high hill, between the left bank of the Rječina River and the Grobničko polje (the Grobnik field). It was built around a well with spring water in the middle of the internal courtyard of the Castle, and is located along an important transport link which begins in the Quarnero Gulf towards the hinterland.
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Grobnik Airport

There is no better view than that from the air, so why not be encouraged to choose one of the activities on offer from the “Krila Kvarnera” Aeronautical Association. Whether you choose a hang-glider, a parachute or an aeroplane, the experience you will have will certainly be unforgettable whilst the view will be precious.
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Opatija, often called the pearl of the Adriatic, is one of Croatia’s most famous destinations, boasting a tradition of welcoming visitors dating back more than 160 years. Located at the edge of the Mediterranean, on the slopes of Mount Učka Nastavi čitati →


The Crikvenica Riviera offers plenty of opportunities for a holiday full of interesting activities. The area’s beautiful sandy, pebbly and rocky beaches, peaceful coves, crystal clear sea, elegant promenades and air filled with the fragrances of the magnificent Mediterranean plants provide a perfect setting for relaxation in lovely natural scenery and a balmy climate.

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